Greetings, if you found us you've been looking for a beautiful Mini Australian Shepherd.
With that said you have learned they are hard to find. Well the same thing applied to us. We love the Aussie breed since we were children however we could not locate them in our area. We found great reputable breeding non mill families from far away and had 2 nannies drive them to us. They were great service.
Gus Gus is our only male at this time and he has some of the best traits the first one being such a sweet loving soul. He is what they call a tri brown color coat with blue eyes . Which is a rare color for the Mini Aussie. This color typically has brown eyes. He has a double coat of the most beautiful curls. his eyes are a sky blue that can memorize you. He is in the middle range for Mini Aussie size. He loves his toys and his girls. He is very empathic, if something is wrong with any of us or his girls he comes and snuggles or offers a toy and kisses. His father was the same as he and he has fathered boys who are just as sweet. He is as beautiful inside as out.
Out of our 4 females they each have their own outstanding traits and it has been a pleasure to watch each one transform into such perfect girls.
Charlotte( Charlie) is the mother of the pack. She brings a different aspect to our pack. She is a Australian Heeler. Which means she is a hybrid dog of mini Australian Shepherd and blue heeler. She is fast and agile and has an instinctual ability to manage our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats without training and with out using her mouth to nip at them. She showed her skills the first time at age 10 weeks with 2 small goats as fun and she has developed a skill that is unmatchable. we have had 2 baby goats get lost in our woods and Charlie was able to locate them and herd them back to our home. She is tender and loving with all the younger dogs and the best mother we have had the pleasure to witness. She is our only brown eyed girl with the softest coat you could imagine. her coloring is merle. Her mane is fluffy and adds to her look. She is a remarkable girl and loves people especially kids. She frequents places to bring joy to the patients in our local areas. She has attended time at our local hospitals and rehabs where she exhibits such amazing connections.
Hadley Marie well she is not just looks alone. She is sweet with a shy side to her, its almost a flirty way about her. She is very quick for a shy girl to accept new friends. She loves her pack and enjoys to wrestle and roll around. She is the one who takes as much as she can get for snuggles. She has the most striking blue eyes. She is a true merle with a white shawl, a stunning full skirt (butt curtains) with a single coat which is a little lighter than a dark merle. She is dainty in size. She is what you would consider the princess of our pack. When she walks you know by her strut she is a princess too.
Sophia Loren looks so much like Hadley but she is not the same. She is our tough girl with the most sensitive side to her. She is slow on the approach wanting everyone to love her and not feel threatened. When I say slow on the approach I mean she will turn her body so her head is almost touching her backend in the most non threatening playful way while she comes to you slowly with the most pleasant look on her face. her eyes are a sparling sky blue and she is a petite true merle as well as Hadley. Her body has less white and is an all around darker coat as well. her coat is a single coat. I am referring so much to Hadley due to the fact they look so much alike that we sometime at a glace mistake them for each other. She loves to run fast while playing with her pack. She is very attracted to our cat and loves to play with him she has accepted him like a part of the pack. He loves her as well.
Macy Mae is one of a kind. She was our last adoption and we couldn't be more pleased we brought her into our loving pack. Macy made us a pack. a pack consists of 5 or more dogs. It is so easy to get multiple of this breed especially when you meet them. Macy is a star, when people meet her they love her. She is our clown of the pack. She is so much like our Gus Gus. She loves to play with toys and is often offering you or showing you the special toy she has. She is also called the ambassador  of the animals. If there is an animal that is nervous of the dogs Macy will draw them in with her slow approach and constant attempts to gain trust. We have seen it with our cats, goats and even dogs not in her pack that come to visit. within no time Macy will have that dog or cat playing with her. She has been seen calming a goat who had gotten loose and was anxious without being with her herd. She has such a love for everything and gives the most attentive kisses when she can. Macy is a tri color brown with piercing blue eyes. her colors are very bold and unique. She is the rarest Mini Australian Shepherd coloring with the blue eyes. She has a single coat that is soft and has beautiful waves.